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860 S Los Angeles St #521
Los Angeles, California 90014

Shop Los Angeles based collection of Harlowe and Graham. Confident, Feminine, Playful but Grown-up. Clothing for Every Moment, Every Day. Available HERE.

Our Story

Harlowe & Graham are dedicated to bringing you the finest in street fashions. Their styles are a perfect balance of sophistication and edge. Harlowe & Graham is currently carried in all Nordstrom storefronts throughout the United States as well as online making their fashions available to the select few who seek to break away from mainstreams and walk their own path.

The Idea

We searched high and low for a clothing line that could cater to our imagination, individuality, and intelligence, while keeping with high standards and affordability. This is where the idea of Harlowe & Graham was conceived. 






Style & Quality

At Harlowe & Graham we obsess over fine design and small details. Our ideas start first on paper and come to life soon after. Through several prototyping revisions we edit each sample until they meet our final aesthetic. 

All styles are carefully designed in Los Angeles. Each fabric is put through several tests to measure their life and quality match our standards.




100% Handmade

All styles at Harlowe & Graham are carefully designed in Los Angeles. Once our samples and patterns have been finalized by ourdesign team we send them to our factory in Guatemala for final production.

We proudly support our factory workers with fair trade principals. Each piece is hand cut, sewn, and tested through several quality control standards for final approval.